Sky 0333 Contact Numbers: 0333 202 2133

You can contact Sky on their (Sky 0333) phone number 0333 202 2133 to enquire about your bill and account.

The Sky brand is widely accepted as being one of the biggest companies in Europe that provide premium pay TV services. They have bases of operations in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria. Across these 5 nations, they have over 20 million subscribers that they provide entertainment products to, namely, the Sky channels and brands that are worth close to £5 billion in investment.

So if you’re residing in one of these 5 countries, then subscribe to Sky and choose from among the many packages and channels that the company offers. They have bundles that offer combinations of Sky TV, Sky Talk and Sky Broadband to their customers. Under each of these products, Sky customers can also choose the best package that fits perfectly with their own style and needs.

This is easily illustrated in their Sky TV brand where customers can choose to get channels that fit their viewing preferences. A movie enthusiast for example can choose to get Sky Movies or a sports fan can opt to subscribe to Sky Sports. There are plenty of other channels that cater to their own clientèle.

0333 Phone Numbers for Sky

  • If you have queries about your Sky account and bill, then you can call them on their (Sky 0333) customer service phone line on 0333 202 2133. This is an automated line for those who wish to use the self-service phone system for bills and accounts enquiry.
  • If you’re interested in Sky’s introductory promos, then you can ask their Sky experts by calling them on 0333 2020 921.
  • If you are the relative or friend of someone who died whom you know was a Sky subscriber, then you can call them up on 0333 202 0912 to inform Sky that the person is deceased.
  • If you’re a Sky Broadband subscriber but you’re no longer satisfied with their service, then you can call 03332 022 135 to cancel your Sky Broadband subscription. If it is Sky Talk you’re not satisfied with, then call them on 03332 022 135.