Scott & Co Contact Number: 0845 345 8980

You can contact Scott & Co with your enquiries by calling them on their enquries phone line on 0845 345 8980.

When you require enforcement of the strong arm of the law, you sometimes need the assistance of enforcers such as Scott & Company. Scott & Company was formed in 1992 to provide the services that they are well-known for today. These include debt collection, citation and enforcement or diligence. Because of their commendable reputation, the company grew organically. Soon, they were able to establish a wide network of offices in Scotland.

Their services are not limited to those in the legal profession but are also offered to government agencies and the private sector as well.

Scott & Co employs a multitude of sheriffs to provide diligence and citation services. These include but are not limited to services of summonses and writs, charges for payment and bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

The company is also recognised as the largest Scottish company that provides debt collection services to the Scottish authorities. They also provide professional investigative services. These include but are not limited to employement tracing, surveillance, tracing and property recovery. Scott & Co is cognisant of the fact that in their line of business, they need to be able to serve their legal papers  internationally, so they did just that.

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If you’re interested in any of their services, then call them up using their customer service and enquiry line on 0845 345 8980.

If you’re interested in employing Scott & Co for their international services, call+44 (0)131 477 8900

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