P&O Contact Number: 0843 374 0111

To contact P&O for enquiries about their cruise, call them on their main enquiries phone line on 0843 374 0111.

The P&O Cruises have a long history having been founded in 1837. The company is registered as both a British and American entity but operates from Southampton, England. P&O continues the long tradition of offering cruise lines for people who want to spend their holiday relaxing on board a beautiful cruise ship where they can meet wonderful new people

Travelling by ship offers many different experiences that are not offered by any other form of travel. This is because of the comfort that a luxury liner affords. When you get inside one of these cruise ships it would seem like you’re checking into a grand hotel or a country club – well after all, that is what a cruise ship basically is.

Telephone Numbers

If you’re planning on going on a cruise with P&O, then you can call them up on their enquiries and booking phone line on 0843 374 0111. You can also send a fax to 0238 065 7030. This is the line that you can call if you still have some questions even after you browse their faqs.

If you prefer for them to call you instead, then visit http://www.pocruises.com/contact-us/ and click on the ‘Arrange a call back’ button to the right of the page.

There is also a shore-to-ship phone line that your friends or family can call to reach you while you’re on the cruise. You can ask them to call 0800 917 1584 to use this service.


If you’re interested in booking a cruise with P&O but you still have some questions or apprehensions about the experience, then it would be best for you to learn all you can by browsing the articles they have posted on their advice centre here: http://www.pocruises.com/advicecentre/

Postal Address

If you wish to write to them, then you can address your post to:

P&O Cruises,
Carnival House,
100 Harbour Parade,
SO15 1ST,
United Kingdom.